On The Edge: How Economic and Social Networks Connect the World’s Peripheral Cities and Regions

Wed, July 17, 2019 at Perth, Australia

How Economic and Social Networks Connect the World's Peripheral Cities and Regions

Network science has advanced considerably in the past 20 years toward better understanding how cities and regions are globally connected. This work examines network connectivity through human flows (e.g. migration, tourism), infrastructures (logistics, shipping), organisational structures (firm and organisational information flows), and social networks (e.g. social media, inter-locking directorates), among others.

This three-day symposium connects leading academics, strategists, economic development practitioners, and advanced students to explore how network theory and science can be applied to novel questions of economic development, particularly in peripheral cities and regions. By combining theoretical developments with empirical research, the workshop aims to connect a range of people interested in understanding urban connectivity in a globalising world.

As the symposium is located in Perth, we will focus on the city’s uniqueness as a leader in the resources sector, combined with a focus on industry networks connecting cities outside of the world’s ‘core’ economies.

Keynote lectures by leading researchers in economic geography, management, and network science will be complemented by discussion and debate regarding the potential and utility of networks in understanding economic globalisation and connectivity.

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