Call for Papers - "Urban Animal Welfare Policies and Practices"

August 8, 2019

Because of the density and interaction of human and nonhuman animals in urban spaces, consideration of animal welfare issues and policies to enhance welfare are particularly acute. This Special Issue of Animals will focus on such issues. The goal of the issue is to provide both interdisciplinary and global perspectives; the list below highlights some of the possible research topics of interest. Policy-relevant research is particularly welcome.

  • Comparison of local animal control and welfare ordinances and their effectiveness;
  • Structural arrangements for local animal welfare and control: public versus nonprofit approaches, service networks, funding arrangements;
  • Applications of One Health/One Welfare;
  • Effectiveness of extant local policies: trap–neuter–return, breed specific legislation, legal protections for roaming animals, animal cruelty regulations;
  • Programs to enhance animal welfare: education versus regulation;
  • Cultural differences in urban pet keeping and animal welfare;
  • The merits of differing approaches to shared animal welfare concerns;
  • Identification of the most pressing urban animal welfare issues; current and future;
  • Methods to reduce animal cruelty;
  • Development and use of databases to assess and study urban animal welfare issues.

Prof. Laura A. Reese
Guest Editor

For complete information about this special issue and submission guidelines, please click this link to be directed to the Animals Journal website