Journal of Urban Affairs promotes free content for remote classes

May 18, 2020

In trying to promote free access to much of the Journal of Urban Affairs’ content during the Urban Affairs Association’s 50th anniversary, the JUA has expanded their offerings to include videos that can be used for remote classes while face-to-face classes have been canceled due to COVID-19. Links to the series will be available on the JUABlog and the GUSP website.

The first in this series is a video and Power Point presentation by Jonathan S. Davies, providing an overview of the research findings and major implications from his JUA special issue titled “Worlds of Austerity: Governance and Resistance in Eight Cities” (Vol. 42. No. 1, 2020) . Thanks to Taylor & Francis and UAA, this issue has been given free access since being published at the beginning of this year, and will continue to be free access over the coming weeks.