Study Abroad Rome 2022

June 18, 2022

Study Abroad Rome 2022

 Summer 2022

 (June 18 - July 9, 2022)


Lead Professor: Igor Vojnovic


2022 Class with Lead Professor Igor Vojnovic

2022 Rome Class Picture


Overview of Summer 2022 Study Abroad in Rome, Italy


If you are interested in Arts, Culture and Sustainability in Rome 2023, click here for additional information.

Hotel Forum RomaHannah Fulmer, Henry Shaban and Carlton Mamo at the Hotel Forum Roma roof garden terrace enjoying the panoramic view of the Roman Forum.

Amalfi CoastStudents visiting the Amalfi Coast.

Henry_Amalfi CoastHenry Shaban, and other classmates, exploring the Tyrrhenian Sea, Amalfi Coast.

Carlton Gianna SelfieClass farewell dinner at Campo de Fiori, a selfie by Carlton Mamo with Gianna Mendez German and Igor Vojnovic.

Logan Colosseum RomeLogan Stawiasz during a lecture at the Colosseum, Rome.

Cissy Selfie GalleriaCissy Bondekwe selfie during the class visit to Galleria Borghese, Rome.

Gianna BorgheseGianna Mendez German at Galleria Borghese.

Hannah_FlorenceHannah Fulmer looking at the Duomo, Florence, from the Giotto Bell Tower.

Hannah_StPeterHannah Fulmer at St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican.

Hannah_TreviHannah Fulmer at Trevi Fountain, Rome.

Malory St Peters BasilicaMalory Curtis, a rainy evening in front of St. Peter's Basilica, the Vatican.

Hannah CarltonHannah Fulmer and Carlton Mamo departing on their journey to Rome.

Henry CookingHenry Shaban at the Italian culinary arts class, in Trastevere, Rome.

Malory_NavonaMalory Curtis exploring Piazza Navona, Rome.

Mouth of TruthMalory Curtis and the Mouth of Truth (Bocca della Verita), Rome

Hannah at TiberHannah Fulmer in Rome enjoying a view of the Tiber River.

Henry and Hannah_TreviHenry Shaban and Hannah Fulmer at the Trevi Fountain, Rome.

MaloryMalory Curtis exploring the Capitoline Museums and area.

Malory_VeniceMalory Curtis on a weekend in Venice.