To our Global Urban Studies community

June 10, 2020

After witnessing yet another violent, inhumane and unnecessary death, the murder of George Floyd, the GUSP family wants to express our sadness, deep disappointment, and frustration at the ongoing acts of violence against the Black community. The needless deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the many countless others since the 2012 murder of Trayvon Martin alone, stand as evidence of the unnecessary and unjust violence perpetrated on our Black and Brown family members, friends, neighbors, students, mentors and colleagues. We stand with the current protests supporting meaningful action and lasting change, to end the systemic racism, oppression and acts of violence against Black and Brown people that have now spanned over four centuries on this land.

The GUSP family celebrates the richness found in diversity and we are committed to racial, ethnic, social, and gender justice. We are committed to global human rights—we have devoted our lives and work to this cause—and we are proud to stand in solidarity with the Black community and the protests taking place across this country, and beyond. The GUSP family values the diversity in our program and our classes. We are also committed to remain a home to a diversity of scholars. In these unsettling times, we want to confirm our commitment to the fight against racism and injustice, and to stress our firm belief that Black lives matter.

We also welcome any ideas on how we can do better as a program to support our urban communities as we move forward.

Igor Vojnovic