My main areas of research focus on urban (re)development processes, involving a range of issues, including infrastructure, urban design, and socio-demographic, economic, physical, environmental and health impacts of urban form. My interest is in both suburbanization and urban revitalization/gentrification, and within various urban contexts, extending across North America, Europe and Asia. I have also studied urban and regional government strategies, including local taxation, service delivery, and municipal restructuring. This research has been published in journals such as Environment and Planning A, Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, Urban Geography, Urban Studies, Ecological Economics, Health & Place, Urban Affairs Review, Applied Geography, Transportation Research Part D, Journal of Urban Design, GIScience and Remote Sensing, Environmental Conservation, Journal of Cultural Heritage, PLOS ONE, and the Journal of Urban Affairs.

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A site visit to Shinjuku, Tokyo (JP).
Igor Great Wall of China
Being part of the China-U.S. relations: Trade, Diplomacy and Research in Beijing (China) in 2005, visiting the Great Wall at Badaling.


Sample publications

Refereed Articles:

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